Acupuncture & Naturopathy for Women




Initial Acupuncture for Women's Health   65- 90e

Follow- up’s - 65e

Breach Acupuncture including Moxa Therapy and Moxa stick - 70e

Labour Preparation  40 weeks -   60-65e  // 3 sessions may be required (170e for 3)

IVF Pre-Post Embro Transfer on same day - 100e for both.

Pregnancy Massage - 1hr 70e

Back/Neck/Shoulder Massage - 45 mins  50 e

Reiki - 1 hr 65e 

Naturopathy - 90e

Wellness/Life Coaching - 90e -120e

I have been going to Emer because I suffer with my back and shoulders from my job and I have found great relief. She is amazing and I would highly recommend her. So glad I found her.
— Siobhan Richardson, Back and Shoulder Pain